December 5, 2021

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How to make your Website Secure


The art of and science of being ranked highly in search results of Website Secure, so that you can bring more visitors to your site and add more money to your cash flow. It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? How difficult can it be? If you’re a digital marketing professional likely to know the answer to this question: very difficult.

SEO is difficult because there are a lot of components that go into it. It’s the content, research on keywords as well as the speed of the page. As well as the mobile rendering and metadata, analysis…and many more. There’s a third element that’s often left out the security. Security is essential to SEO since both Google and the public appreciate it. Unfortunately, not many businesses are taking the time to implement.

Security is Not an Issue for Business Leaders in Website Secure

Many businesses put security as the top priority however, this isn’t currently the case, as shown by the constant data. Breaches because of inadequate security. However, in certain instances there’s no security whatsoever. In June of 2018 Security researchers discovered that the company marketing. Exact kept data about hundreds of million of Americans in addition to millions of businesses in a public server. While there’s no evidence yet that the information was accessed by someone with malicious intent,. The data was available for stealing.

This isn’t Google’s stance but it is not the general mindset of a consumer. Google has put security in their own hands, figuratively speaking, by creating security as a ranking factor in SEO. Then, consumers put security in their own hands, literally leaving websites that do not provide it.

Is security of websites important to SEO? Yes, it does!

What is the definition of security on websites?

While security may mean different things to different people, for Google security on websites,. It means that data is safe to transfer to and from websites.It doesn’t meanthe website is secure or that the person who owns the website has measures in place to safeguard. The information it gathers from its users. This only applies to the information you provide on the site,. Like your credit card number and the information you receive back from the site such as a confirmation code.

Google recognizes the security of websites by the S added to the HTTP address, transforming it into HTTPS. HTTP is the abbreviation in the form of Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is a form of Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTPS is for Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Both allow the display the ability to send and receive information over the Internet however,. HTTPS websites utilize Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL to ensure the security of the data.

This HTTPS is extremely important and you’ll soon discover because Google creates connection to SSL as well as SEO.

Security SEO Secret Sauce: SEO Secret Sauce SEO Secret Sauce

In the process of SEO a digital marketer has numerous issues to deal with that it’s not a surprising that safety is seldom mentioned aspect when it comes to SEO It is, however, a must.

One thing is that Google concerned about security and that ought to be enough to convince you that it is important. Google SEO and SEO are nearly synonymous due to the dominance of Google in the field of search. What can we do to know Google is concerned about security? Because Google’s actions show that they do:

  • Google imagines a website which is “secure by default.”
  • HTTPShas been a part of the Google’s ranking algorithm since.
  • HTTPS makes pages load quicker, in addition, Google  is been rewarding speedier loading websites through the use of speed as a ranking element since 2010.
  • Google utilizes the HTTPS factor to determine if there is an indicator to determine ranking. When two websites are similar in SEO.
  • In October of this year the Google web browser Chrome is now able to warn its users. Whenever a website is not secured.

It’s clear how for Google, SSL and SEO go hand-in-hand.

There are also users, who are also concerned about security. We know this since the users themselves tell us:

  • Research suggests that up to 80% of users are likely to leave a website. In the event that they find out that the website isn’t secured.
  • The public is aware of breaches in data security and weaknesses in cyber security. They’re demanding more, which has led to regulations like the GDPR.
  • Secure websites load faster and users prefer speedier loading speeds:. 53 % of visitors to websites will leave an online page when it takes longer than three seconds to load.
  • Websites that load quickly receive more traffic, and this more traffic means better search results.

They are your prospective customers. If they are concerned about your website’s security, then you should too.

How to Secure Your Website

Google is concerned about security. Customers are concerned about security. Are you concerned about the security of your website? It’s a good idea, as it’s obvious now that security is a major factor in you SEO efforts. It’s likely that you’re thinking about how you can make your website safe.

It all starts at SSL and SEO. So first to determine whether your site is SSL enabled. If it is, then you’re using HTTPS. To check, enter your website’s URL into the search box and check whether it is set to HTTPS. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll see a green padlock at the top left corner,.to the field of hub’s spot tools and find out within a moment.Which indicatesthat it’s a secure site or you can type your web address in to the field of hub’s spot tools and find out within a moment.

Do you notice a green padlock, or an S in the HTTP? Your website is SSL enabled and you’ve provided your SEO an increase. In the event that it’s not enabled,. Then you’ll have to be certified, and it might not be as simple as you imagine. You’ll have to decide the kind of certifications you’ll require and the costs can vary from free to say, expensive. There are some tips on obtaining SSL certificates on this page  for a basic version, and the following link  for more technical information.

Alongside SSL additionally, you may make additional steps  to enhance your website’s security, but they are not related to Google’s focus on SSL as well as SEO. They should be handled by your web-related team, not by your Digital Marketing team.

Take your SEO to the Next Level

Once you’ve figured out the importance of web security for SEO. Take steps to ensure that all your SEO knowledge is also up to date. This simple learn advanced search engine optimization certification. Will guarantee that you’ve mastery of all aspects of SEO, which include research and keyword management. On-page and off-page optimization linking as well as URL building analytics, and much more. Alongside covering all of these aspects this course also provides an extensive experience in projects,.So you’ll learning through doing and developing new abilities that you will be able to use on the next day.