October 15, 2021

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Echoing the Glory of Asian Tradition Sharara Suit


Sharara suit is a trendy dress that has been in fashion for quite some period of time. It is a Traditional dress with a huge significance for the culture of the subcontinent that is now includes the nations of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh as well as other countries. The Sharara dress was at the height of its popularity in the late 1800s and the early 1900s, and was worn as a standard dress by a large number of Muslim women from the subcontinent.

Sharara suit UK and Gharara has changed significantly over the past century and there are a variety of variations of this symbol of class and grace. It’s not just popular in the countries in South-Asian mentioned above, but is also a favourite across the globe, especially with Muslim women. It is however not worn as a daily dress, but its usage is mainly restricted to occasions such as Eid or a Pakistani wedding celebration. Here are a few of the most popular varieties of the sharara and Gharara you can wear for Festive this season.

Traditional Plain or embroidered Sharara

The model that is on the top of the list is the traditional style that has been around for many years. Sharara is a two-legged bottom made of two parts. The top layer that covers the thighs somewhat fitted. The lower part is flaky and joins with the top to form the knee. Traditional styles include an unadorned sharara or one that has embroidery on the bottom and at the knee joint. These are commonplace across India and Pakistan however, if you’re living outside the UK it is possible to buy them online from shops like Libas e Jamila Fashion brand and many others.

A Long Length Sharara

Another fashion trend that keeps changing is the sharara or Gharara with a long shirt. The sharara portion is exactly the same, but you can make the shirt longer than the standard length i.e. barely above knee. This design is ideal for girls who are shorter, as when you pair with a long shirt and sharara suit heels is a great way to make the look taller. You can pick various fabrics and styles of embroidery to suit your preferences to make your dress more attractive. For those who live abroad it is possible to have the dress by buying an Sharara outfit in the UK from shops such as Libas e Jamila and having it custom-made in accordance with your preference.

Shades of Sharara Suit

Although this fashion isn’t popular, if you pick it at the right time for your occasion, it’ll make you the center of attention at the celebration. Multi-colored means that you select two different colors one for each piece of the shara. This means you choose to wear one shade for the portion that is above the knee joint and another for the one below it. You could even include additional shades in sections if wish to make your the sharara more exciting.

Sharara suit with Embroidered Dupatta

The style is catching all over the world and everybody wants to be part of the trend. It is essentially an unassuming sharara, with a matching shirt, and then put it on with an appropriate or contrast dupatta that has the heavy embroidery. The embroidery could be any kind. It can be the mirror, gota Kinari or thread embroidery, or whatever fits your needs the most. The dupatta is the primary element of this dress, however wearing it with a cultured Sharara dress makes it more beautiful and elegant.

Heavy work Sharara Suit

It is also possible to balance your look by wearing an unadorned shirt and an extravagant or heavy shara. It can be embroidered or make use of a fancy fabric to create it. Whatever you choose, the main attraction for this look is the sharara, paired with the plain or simple shirt to match it. You can pick either a plain or an embroidered dupatta which completely depends on your personal preference.

Sharara is an outfit that you can experiment with the design to create many possible designs, each one more gorgeous than the next. All you need to do is be imaginative and you’ll be able to wear at any wedding with elegance and grace. You can purchase ready-made clothing however the addition of individuality by creating your own dress and have it embroidered really improves the overall appearance. Enjoy playing around with your next outfit!